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Imelda Marcos

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Imelda Romualdez Marcos (born Imelda Trinidad Romualdez; July 2, 1929) is a Filipino politician who was First Lady of the Philippines for 21 years, during which she and her husband are widely believed to have illegally amassed a multi-billion US dollar personal fortune, the bulk of which still remains unrecovered. Her fortune was estimated to be at $24bn in 1979, and today is estimated to be at least $30bn.
She married Ferdinand Marcos in 1954 and became First Lady in 1965 when he became President of the Philippines. Her behaviour of initiating numerous grand architectural projects using public funds, came to be described in common parlance as Imeldific.She and her family gained notoriety for living a lavish lifestyle during a period of economic crisis and civil unrest in the country. She spent much of her time abroad on state visits, extravagant parties, and shopping sprees, and spent much of the State’s money on her personal jewelry and shoe collections. Her collection of over 3,000 pairs of luxury shoes earned her the sobriquet “Marie Antoinette, with shoes.”
The People Power Revolution in February 1986 unseated the Marcoses and forced the family into exile. In 1991, President Corazon Aquino allowed the Marcos family to return to the Philippines after the 1989 death of Ferdinand Marcos. Imelda Marcos was elected four times to the House of Representatives.She, along with her husband Ferdinand, are famous for holding the Guinness World Record for the Greatest Robbery of a Government. In November 2018, she was convicted of corruption charges for her activities some forty years earlier, during her term as governor of Manila.

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