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April Greiman

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April Greiman (born March 22, 1948) is an American designer widely recognized as one of the first designers to embrace computer technology as a design tool. Greiman is also credited, along with early collaborator Jayme Odgers, with helping to import the European ‘New Wave’ design style to the US during the late 70s and early 80s.” According to design historian Steven Heller, “April Greiman was a bridge between the modern and postmodern, the analog and the digital.” “She is a pivotal proponent of the ‘new typography’ and new wave that defined late twentieth-century graphic design.” Greiman heads Los Angeles-based design consultancy Made in Space. Her art combines her Swiss design training with West Coast postmodernism. Greiman finds the title graphic designer too limiting and prefers to call herself a “trans-media artist”. Her work has inspired designers to develop the computer as a tool of design and to be curious and searching in their design approach.