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Alberto Salazar

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Alberto Salazar (born August 7, 1958) is an American track coach, former world-class long-distance runner and a doping offender. Born in Cuba, Salazar immigrated to the United States as a child with his family. They moved to Manchester, Connecticut and then to Wayland, Massachusetts, where Salazar competed in track and field in high school. Salazar is best known for his performances in the New York City Marathon in the early 1980s and his 1982 Boston Marathon victory known as the “Duel in the Sun.” He held American track records of 13:11.93 for 5,000 m (July 6, 1982 – Stockholm) and 27:25.61 for 10,000 m – (June 26, 1982 – Oslo).
Salazar was the head coach of the Nike Oregon Project in Portland, Oregon. He won the IAAF Coaching Achievement Award in 2013 during a ceremony hosted by the International Athletics Foundation in Monaco.
In June 2015, Salazar was named in a joint BBC Panorama and ProPublica investigation into doping allegations.
In 2019 Salazar was banned for 4 years from athletics for doping offenses. The Nike Oregon Project was shut down in the wake of the controversy.He was further mired in controversy after the New York Times published a video op-ed from his former athlete Mary Cain.